by Sofi Rox

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Chris Anderl
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Chris Anderl Here is the voice and spirit of a lovely young nature goddess of West Marin.
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Sustainability was greek to me it was something new. Sustainability didn’t mean a thing to me ‘til I met you. Everything you told to me made me see things just aren’t right so now I turn to you, tell us what we’ve got to do, help us see the light. You said “Regeneration. It’s our generation that’ll generate a change.” We’ve lost half the fisheries we’re cutting all the trees accelerating pollution. The economy’s not where we want to be, there’s got to be a solution. you said. Regeneration. It’s our generation that’ll generate a change. Regeneration. It’s our generation that’ll give out nation a new name and generate a change. Global warming wasn’t taken as a warning, we set the world aflame. We can do it if we’re ready and we’re willing, we can make a change. Sustainability means a lot to me as it should to you. Sustainability, it’s the key here’s what we’ve got to do: Sustain nature. sustain the trees. the rivers and the air that we breathe. sustain the ocean and the rain and maybe we’ll start to see a change. Youth of our nation can you feel the vibration as we generate a change? We’re ready for change. It’s time for change. There’s gonna be a change.
If you were a boy when I was a girl we’d be, so happily, running around where the cliff does meet the sea climbing trees like monkeys do just me and you so free to fall in love. My darlin’ if I was a girl when you were a boy we’d be bell-bottom jeaned riding a bike at night at seventeen to check the scene like young kids do just me and you so free to fall in love. but for now, well, I just want to be your friend. My darlin’, I just want to be your friend to call on anytime. I still dream of the day we could runaway and be, so happily, rollin’ around where the cliff does meet the sea you would be there in the waves and I’d just stay so free to fall in love.... with you.
I wish I had a fishin’ pole to cast inside my head I’d reel you in and let you swim with someone else instead. I’ve been growin’ tired of this game I’ll never win but every time I get you out you find a way back in. Hindsight’s 20/20 but I’m nearsighted. Everything was blurry when we first collided. You had me blinded by the first hello. I guess I need some glasses for love. I’ve given up on getting over you so I’ll just sit and wait ‘til you leave my mind. People sayin’ things I know are true “all it takes is time” it’s gonna take time but in the meantime I wish I had a fishin’ pole to cast inside my head I’d reel you in and let you swim with someone else instead la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la.
Staring up the road at 4am as my eyes began to close something white was in the distance small and standing in the road a little swerve a closer look and there sweet alba stood right before my eyes. stilted on two little legs as small as small could seem ‘til she opened up her wings and then began the dream the innoculating flight painting darkness into light softly cutting through the pain and fear of night. landing merely steps away I couldn’t help but wonder if lightning was a creature would its hollow voice be thunder? These days I feel I try so hard to keep from goin’ under the toe is pulling me out to sea and I’m afraid I’m gonna lose my direction. May alba’s wings bring the light that lives inside the dark - shoot an arrow made of night straight into my heart so I can learn to live and be in balance with the darker shades of me. May alba’s wings lift me up and teach me how to fly if I lose sight of my shores I know I’ll be alright - got a sea to cross, got a story, got a song to sing. and as I did proceed back down the road I saw a brown eyed skunk pacin’ back and forth sifting through a pile of junk a mess of dead old leaves trying to investigate and taking his sweet time. I was standing on the scene of a crime that did take place many years ago before the dawn of human race and as the verdict came he called my name said listen here “darlin’ do you wonder?“ May alba’s wings give you strength to find the truth inside of you let you know you’re gonna do just what you’re gonna do and that’s alright, you’ll make it through the night and the sun will kiss your face. When I traveled on I was seeking out the sunshine and the birds to see their colors, hear their songs, feel their truths emerge. At the edge of the marsh on the side of the road I saw a vixen - she was bleeding. does her spirit know the answer to my question? May alba’s wings do right light up the darkside of my brain lift me up sing a song help me fulfill my name as a soothsayer as a maiden on a voyage to the truth. May alba’s wings sing a song as they push against the night I may not know a lot but I know that I’ll be alright if I listen to the voices deep inside my shadow and my light. I’ve been livin’ life, I’m tryin’ to live my life with alba’s wings as my guide.
It’s been four weeks since I last saw you gotta say I still feel blue but I have found a way to rise above it all and I know I’ll make it through. These past weeks have been inspired on my own feels OK but you should know you’re my tomorrow not only my yesterday. I don’t want anybody else... I don’t want anyone else but you. Now I’m faced with a problem mostly one of my own pride: “Should I listen to these voices all around or the rumblings inside?” When we bring our hearts together with our bodies intertwined, I know we could weather any tide. I will wait to find myself in your arms again, go ahead and take your time. Take your time, go your way. Take your time, the love will stay. I don’t want anyone else but you.
Blue Scrub Jay in the lemon tree sometimes I wish you’d go away, stop hangin’ round me. Blue Scrub Jay in the willow tree sometimes I wish you’d go away. No, I don’t want no scrubs... No, I don’t want no scrub jays hangin’ round me. Blue Scrub Jay and the Chickadee in the live oak tree k-i-s-s-i-n-g. I saw that Blue Scrub Jay with the Bumble Bee in the honey shack k-i-s-s-i-n-g. Well that Bumble Bee heard that Chickadee sing and in her Bumble Bee way she went up to the Blue Jay and gave him a sting. Now they’re singin’ no we don’t want no scrub... no we don’t want no scrub jays hangin’ round our tree.
chickadeedeedee chickadeedeedee that is me a lonely chickadee (x2) I am not a wren, I am a blue bird. She will always be, I was only temporary. I will not cry, gonna spread my wings and I will fly. Chickadeedeedee chickadeedeedee I’m lookin’ out for a bird like me. Chickadeedeedee he could be a sparrow or a jay I’ll wait and see. Come with me blue bird sing a little song. It has been a long, long time since I’ve seen you smile. Come with me take my wing we could run away and sing. come with me bluebird sing a little song with the chickadeedeedee chickadeedeedee that is me but I am not lonely...
Would you tell a fox to run on home if he showed up at your door? If he was looking for a friend a little honey comb a bowl of milk and not much more? In the land of milk & honey things aren’t what they seem, nobody knows how to dream. I’ll sing my words to the birds of your tree with the hope you’ll hear their song and think of me - darlin’ do you ever think of me? Songs from the earth are ringin’ in my ear my muse is hungry when you’re near. She’s cryin’ out for a clover and a bee and a mess of reverie. I may be searchin’ for a partnership, but that don’t mean you have to quit lovin’ yourself or lovin’ me we could get by so easily. I’ll be the bird with the chestnut back strummin’ a branch like my guitar. Outside your window in the dawn of the dark singin’ I love you just the way you are. And then I’d tell that fox straight in the eye to turn around and head on home. There’s nothing left for you, my well’s run dry you’ll be better off alone. I sang my songs to the birds of your tree and you never heard a word from me, you never said a word to me. But if you’re wondering if I’m loving you, well, darlin’ I May Be.
Northwestern Wind. Northwestern Wind. I feel you kiss my face, hear your voice resonate Northwestern Wind, where do you begin? Where do you end? Blow to me, Blow through the trees Northwestern Wind, when’d you get so cold? You blow so cold. Northwestern Wind. Where do you begin...? Where do you begin...? Where do you end?
In the shadow of my heart... I’ve been lovin’ you in the shadow of my heart. In the shadow of my heart... I’ve been lovin’ you that way from the start. you will never know because I will never say that I’m feelin’ this way. In the darkness of my mind... I’ve been loving you that way for some time. In the darkness of my mind... if you could look inside my head, my darlin’, you would find. do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do ya you will never know because I will never say...
Everywhere I go every song I know I want to sing it for you. Soon my mind slips away to a land of sand and sea and while I find that underwater castle, feelin’ free, I forget to breathe. (1, 2, 3, 4) Slowly drownin’ callin’ out and I can’t hear your voice, I have no choice and soon my world turns Technicolor with the reds and greens and blues soon, my darling, all that I can think of is you. It wasn’t hard to fall though the tumblin’ was tough, it wasn’t hard to fall but these ocean waters can be rough. Every day I live, all the love I have to give, I want to give it all to you.


To the people that made "Regeneration" a reality. To my 3 grandmothers - how lucky am I! To my parents Rob & Beth Setrakian for, in a word, everything. To my big brother Nick for his demonstrative strength. To Mary Setrakian, my beloved coach. Maitreya Rose, I am forever grateful. To my friends for their endless encouragement especially Aria Sternik, Elke Schoen, Sierra Dierks, Molly Maguire, and Sophia Rose. To Lynn Bagley & her impeccable eye. To Finn! Thank you for clapping, dancing, and singing along regardless of the performance. Big thank you to Gary Ferroni, Adam Munos, and the team at Fantasy Studio. Big love to The Regenerative Design Institute. To Robin Livingston for your nourishing guidance and to Ethan Okamura! Thank you for your musical genius and mentorship. Our relationship has meant the world to me. Thank you Dick Bright, Katy Boyd, and all other guests on the album! Thank you Jeannie Vaughn! To the spinning Earth for her grace, abundance, and immense support. To the waters that nourish and cleanse the body, mind & soul of all living things. To the creatures and plants of the waters - the seaweed, salmon, dolphin, otter and whale. Thank you for reminding me to breath and sing my song! To the low growing plants: Thank you for embracing the earth and providing her creatures with sustenance in their daily journeys. To all creatures of the earth: fox, ant, wolf, mouse, dog, bear, lynx, squirrel, buffalo, skunk, deer, moose, antelope, on and on - I love you! Thank you for your silent wisdom and powerful medicine. Oh, to the wise old trees of the north: thank you for reminding me to sink my roots and reach for the sky - Balancing death and life so eloquently. And for providing a home for the birds, whom I love. To the chickadee, hawk, swan, owl, kite, crow, and all other air movers. Special thanks to the chicken, for your sacrifices. Butterfly, thank you for your courage. To the night's sky and crisp air, the moon, the stars, and the sun.  To my grandfathers in the spirit world and to all my other ancestors. Thank you for marking my road with sweet signs of love and peace. To the yogis and teachers - the enlightened ones, the seasoned musicians. Thank you for sharing and living in your gift. To the future generations, thank you for coming! We need you! To the thunder beings, a question: if lightening was a creature - would it's hollow voice be thunder? To the great mystery...
To all those I have forgotten: My deepest thanks and blessings!


released June 20, 2012

All songs written and performed by Sofi Rox
Vocals, Ukulele, Guitar, Percussion

Recorded by Ethan Okamura at Saltwater Studio, Bolinas, Ca
Mixed by Adam Munos at Fantasy Studio, Berkeley, CA
Mastered by Robin Livingston at The Birdhouse, Inverness Park, Ca

Photos by Lynn Bagley
Design by Dan Gilbert


all rights reserved



Sofi Rox Bolinas, California

Sophia Roxanna Setrakian, also known as Sofi Rox, is an open-hearted singer-songwriter with a deep love for the truth. Sofi is celebrated for her songs of nature and love with simple accompaniment, wistful melodies & dynamic vocals.

Not easily categorized, the folk and pop performer harkens back to Woody Guthrie while incorporating soul music with her grandfather’s instrument, the ukulele.
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